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Diamond Impregnated Core Bit

Impregnated Diamond Core Bits - Hanghua

Impregnated diamond core bits can penetrate a wide range of formations from the softest to the hardest rocks. They are made of very small, high quality synthetic diamonds uniformly mixed through a tungsten carbide matrix. Impregnated diamond bits are mainly used for geotechnical coring, gas-bearing coring, material sample coring and mineral exploration.

Hanghua specializes in manufacturing a wide range of impregnated diamond bits. We have a reputation for excellent performance and long life of core bits, and we continue to develop specialized diamond core bits to help improve drilling performance in the future. Conact us!

The advantages of diamond impregnated core bits

1. Extremely wide range of applications.

2. Can be used in variable or strip geological formations.

3. Their multi-layered tool arrangement allows for longer overall bit life than bits produced with other types of cutting media.

4. They are particularly suitable for drilling in hard, consolidated and non-abrasive formations.

How to choose a diamond Impregnated drill bit?

1. Large size diamond with strong matrix for soft rock.

2. Medium size diamonds with medium strength matrix for medium strength rocks.

3. Small size diamond with soft matrix for strong rocks.

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