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Diamond Core Bits

Diamond core bits are a kind of drilling accessories that cut the rocks into cores or grind them into powder by diamond and plays the main role in drilling work. Its main applications are geological core exploration, hydrogeological exploration, mineral coring drilling and coal resources exploration. Diamond core bits are one-piece bits, the whole bit has no moving parts, the structure is relatively simple, with high strength, high wear resistance and impact resistance. If you need to please contact us!

What are diamond point bits used for?

Diamond core bits are designed for cutting core holes in stone and concrete. It is used with angle grinder, core drilling machine or standard drill bit. It is widely used for cutting granite, marble, porcelain, glass, stone, concrete and wood. HangHua can also provide special or custom drills.

Advantages of diamond core drill bit

1 A drill with good guiding properties.

2 High aggressiveness and resistance to abrasion.

3 strong aggressiveness design enables the bit to obtain high mechanical drilling speed.

4 Dynamic flow field simulation technology is applied to hydraulic design to optimize the flow field at the bottom of the well, which is conducive to improving chip removal speed and anti-mud pack.

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